Diogo Batista


Opdrachtgever: Handicare Stairlifts

Rol: Software Engineer

For how long have you been working for Handicare?
My first day of work at Handicare was the first of October, 2019.

Because of YOUMANworks you’ve managed to get the job as a Software Engineer at Handicare. How was the collaboration with YOUMANworks?
Yes, that’s correct. I have been applying for a while. Not only in the Netherlands, but all over Europe. And then, my cousin introduced me to YOUMANworks and via them I was introduced to Handicare. And that’s how I end up working here.

How did you experience the process at YOUMANworks?
Out of all the recruiters I have worked with, I would only recommend two. And Arjan is certainly one of them. They found a job that matched the description of what I was looking for. In a sense it felt like they did listen to me. It also felt like a sincere effort was being made from the side of YOUMANworks. And that distinguishes them from the rest and that probably also had a big impact of why I chose to work with them.

How do you look back on the placement process? Did it take long for you to find your dream job?
The process was easier than other processes, but the length was average. But I think a short process is not always a good thing, so I didn’t mind the process length. But it was definitely easier. And what probably more people experience while working with YOUMANworks, is that YOUMANworks always give clear answers and really applies fast in comparison to other recruitment agencies, with vague answers or who don’t even reply at all.

How is your contact with YOUMANworks after you started at Handicare?
We chat, once in a while, we do still have contact. We kept in touch, but not very close contact. During the first period they really kept in touch and really made sure I made a good landing here at Handicare. And I still call when I need advice and think they could help me out with it.

What makes your position as Software Engineer at Handicare so special?
Oh, that’s a tricky question. There are a lot of things that I really like about working for Handicare. Out of all the potential outcomes that could happen, when you come from a different country, when you leave all your family and friends behind and then you arrive three months before a global pandemic; it’s a challenge. Since the beginning I always felt very welcome here. At no point did I experience any negative social content at Handicare. They are very good at the social aspects.

Wat is your future perspective on your department within Handicare?
We are shortly going to launch a new important project, that intends refurbishing the controllers for our entire portfolio. We’re not starting with all of them at the same time, but that is the end goal. And I expect to have a relevant role in this project. Above all, I expect to gain a lot of experience, to grow and become an even better Software Engineer.

Is there something you know now that you would have preferred to know in advance, before you started working at Handicare?
Yes. Don’t move to a different country, just before the start of a big pandemic. That’s what I would have liked to know. Professionally speaking; I was always very demanding on myself and always wanting to be the best at everything. Looking back, I think that was not really important. Somehow things just work out. Also because of YOUMANworks of course, but also because I have matured as a person after studying & working.

How does Handicare -as an employer- act about the human connection? Are they involved?
Yes very. I would say on of the strongest point. Like I referred to earlier, they are very good at the social aspect and they really make an effort. And my team is great, I work very well with my team. I have a good manager and even the people above my manager; I like them.

How would you describe YOUMANworks in 4 words?
They would be my first go-to choice I would say.

What are the challenges in your department?
My challenges are the tasks that I’m currently assigned are more on the technical term and then let’s go maybe on a personal term afterwards. The tasks that I’m currently assigned are regulatory based on new regulations will eventually hit the market. We want to be able to keep selling our products. We want to make sure that our product is aligned with what the authorities demand us to be. We are building medical equipment. It must be up to very high standards, and that’s certainly challenging to achieve. It takes a lot of focus, a lot of energy, a lot of man hours to achieve. Um, yeah, that’s the technical side and the personal side was that this is not something I could have predicted that I would end up doing. So that’s required a lot of, uh, arising expanding on my side. And yeah. And I was rewarded with experience on a field that I didn’t know I would end up getting.

I assume you like the challenge.
I like the changes.

What specifically? I’m well known in working in a factory. I mean, I see a lot coming from being a technician. It also looks like a big playground or something. Is it? Can you compare it, compare it to another job you had before?
Well, this is my first job in a professional setting. My previous job before that was a research job at the university. So, I think it isn’t a fair comparison. Everything is different on that aspect. Although you are still in a playground, you are in a laboratory. But there are lots of lots of tiny differences that add up.

What is so nice about working here in this department?
It’s something that I look forward to getting out of bed, to go to my job and to experience that, and then I know that at 5:00 in the afternoon, I will go home happy. That I did something that mattered on that day. That is nice. And it’s, uh, it’s a very close relationship we have with our colleagues. We are always telling terrible jokes to each other. And that’s great.

So, the atmosphere is good?
It’s nice. And I have a good manager as well, thanks to YOUMANworks also! [laughs]. That helps.

Is there anything you would like to change in the way you work or the way it works here?
I would like to do more of the duties of a software engineer. I am the single software developer and Handicare is at a two-year period where software development is not the focus. That’s because we have not been launching so many products. We have more been maintaining the ones we already have. And we are in a, like I said, testing focus, a regulatory focus, not so much a development focus. But that is changing now with this big new projects.

Thank you so much for your openness. Is there something you would like to add, something we didn’t ask, and you really like to share?
Yes, OK. I don’t know if this is a Handicare thing or a Netherlands thing. But there’s so much sugar involved in working at Handicare. Every time there’s someone’s birthday, they bring cake, or they bring cookies. You have Easter, you have Christmas and Handicare sends you a big basket full of sugar at home. It’s like they’re force feeding you chocolate. It’s, special.

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